#savegreece or #actforgreece

Warning: This post is not really joyful


I decided to post this text after many days because I feel the need to do it. I also thought to write it in english so everyone could understand even you stranger from another country.

The truth  is that this July was the most terrible and difficult month for averyone here in #Greece and that’s the reason why I did not was in the mood to upload any post at social media or here in #rockntutusgr.

Maybe some of you know #Greece for a lot of different reasons… Maybe you’ve had your vacations here or heard about our beautiful landscapes, islands and sea… or just heard all  about our financial crisis and how much irrensposible we are.

Well I don ‘t want to argue about it but I do want to say something really important.  These days my country mourns, we mourn our people. Such a disaster, a great tragedy.

There are not enough words to describe all the pain, all what we live here. People missing, kids and families have gone…

One last hug, one last kiss and then darkness follows. BLACK.

We greek people may be a lot of thnigs but I am really happy to see that when in danger and in need  we stay united. We become one, one body, one giant who can make magic.

It’s remarkable how many people volunteer, help, donate blood . Guys I strongly believe it’s a wake up call, the kind one of  you just can’t ignore. Please hold on to your humanity, be the human you want to be. Be the change who will make the difference.

The closure I need for this article is:


P.S. This article won’t have a picture.

Thank you for…reading.



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